Hello All,

(I hope that this is an appropriate forum in which to be making this post!)

I have three bottles of different essential oils that I do not want, and would be willing to send them to anyone in the USA for free. Even though I don't wish to use these three, I can't bear the thought of just throwing them away in the trash! They are all in excellent condition, but they were all blind buys, and I just don't care for them.

The products are as follows, and all are from Eden Botanicals:

5ml Opopanax Essential Oil (purchased January 2019, only 2 drops missing from the bottle)

20 ml Tobacco Absolute, diluted to 1/10 with 95% alcohol (purchased 2ml January 2019, dilution made myself)

~27 ml Black Pepper CO2 (purchased 2013, but kept frozen since that time)

The latter EO, the Black Pepper CO2, is of very good quality and intensity, but I find it strange because, despite its name and source material, it has the exact aroma (through its very long drydown) of WHITE pepper, rather than black pepper! I have never seen a White Pepper essential oil or CO2 ever before, but if anyone has ever been looking for such a thing, here is your chance.

(I really like black pepper, and black pepper EO and CO2, but to my nose, white pepper has a distinct barnyardy/pigsty element to it that I just can't quite stomach, and this CO2 has that same characteristic, in spades.)

If you are interested in these three oils, please send me a private message.

- - - Updated - - -

Sorry, folks! The EOs have already been claimed by another Basenoter.