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    Default Fragrances Similar to Prada Luna Rossa Black

    Very impressed with it, the first time I smelled it I was taken back by it. Anything similar to it?
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    Default Re: Fragrances Similar to Prada Luna Rossa Black

    Luna Rossa Black always reminds me of Dsquared's excellent He Wood Silver Wind Wood, with the primary exceptions being that LRB is smoother and more tonka-y while SWW has a pronounced incense note that makes things a little more rough and dirty. Both are beautiful scents in my opinion.

    Silver Wind Wood has been discontinued, but since it's not a big hype scent you should easily be able to score bottles (or samples) for a decent price.

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    Default Re: Fragrances Similar to Prada Luna Rossa Black

    Apart from further Luna Rossa flankers, would also recommend (re) testing more of the Prada Infusions for a less gourmand, sweet and/or woody, also fresher, crisper and more transparent take on somewhat similar notes, as well as the many AMen flankers, perhaps especially Pure Wood and Pure Tonka, while not entirely dismissing the other flankers and maybe also Kenzo Homme Boisee to certain extents

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    Default Re: Fragrances Similar to Prada Luna Rossa Black

    Besides Silver Wind, it also bears a resemblance to Cavalli Black, which is also long discontinued. I need to get a sample of Rossa Black to do a full comparison.
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