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    Default Just saying hi; Givenchy, Guerlain

    Hi all,

    I just wanted to drop by quickly and thank for all the wonderful reviews and comments here. It would be so hard for me to find a new scent otherwise. I don't have enough patience, and I always feels like the local fragrance retailer is more interested in up-selling me rather than finding me something interesting. I think I lost interest 10 year ago. But last year I tried to go through that again and came home with the '17 Gentleman Givenchy. And that one became boring so very quickly, I'm really disappointed. Taking a gander online it appears that can't be helped.

    So I finally got fed up with all that and did what I wanted to do for over ten years: after searching and waiting for a few months I found an almost full Givenchy pour Homme. I still like it, maybe a bit too fruity orange-ish now, but this one still appeals very much to me.

    I'm still looking for a more basic daily replacement, but I'm getting some good hints here. Its strange though, smelling Givenchy I would think everything is being tuned down. But I just sampled some new Mugler and JPG perfume and while not my taste, it is certainly not 'tuned down'. I have a new sealed Givenchy Play Leather. But given what my nose thinks of the Play or current Gentleman lines I'm afraid to open it.

    Anyway now I have my old GpH, and a new Al Haramain Homme Mystique and love it, but it is slightly too distinctive which I don't want to wear that too much. But what else. I think I'd even love to find my other EdT's from 10, 15 year ago again at some point: Armani Mania, maybe Hugo Boss Soul or even Van Gils.

    I was really surprised with Guerlain Vetiver. I could not have imagined the effect when applied. And to my nose the new sample is not so far from a vintage bottle, ie. no issues with 'reformulations'. Not sure if I can pull off wearing it every day. I'm also testing:

    - Acqua di Parma Colonia, very pleasant although longevity seems to be an issue to my nose with AdP. Well except with Colonia Oud Concentrée, which sure is an "interesting" one.
    - Baldessarini, maybe some other Boss line.
    - Habit Rouge, this reminds me of a classy new-age shop 20y ago. I love it, not sure how often I'd wear this.

    The other highlight I think is Givenchy Xeryus. I dont dare test the vintage, but I find it an addictive sweet conifer scent, old school without the barber shop man. Not sure about the rouge variant yet. Maybe that is too subdued for me. I hope to sample the new formulas for those, but I'll be sure to get a tester first. LAter.

    I tried some other old skool, but after Pierre Cardin and Aramis (Havana) I think I know where that is at. Probably no Azzarro or Puig for me either. I have some Mugler cologne to test next but the top notes I'm getting are far too hard and loud. Also I have something smelling really horrible made by Dior on my wrist right now, which seemed like not too bad bergamot-vetiver before. Well at least its good to know what all the fuzz is about. Even if only to avoid it. I even bought a 100ml Fahrenheit, its a mix of memory and fascination. If that doesn't help avoiding people, I don't know what does.

    Well, that is the short variant of me getting up to date last year. Today wasn't the greatest sample day, and I think I'm going to scrub now. But especially the Guerlain was a very pleasant find.
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    Default Re: Just saying hi; Givenchy, Guerlain

    Quote Originally Posted by dotmpe View Post

    I was really surprised with Guerlain Vetiver. I could not have imagined the effect when applied.
    Yes - it's very nice.
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    Default Re: Just saying hi; Givenchy, Guerlain

    Welcome! And glad you're finding things you like. there are so many perfumes around nowadays that you will certainly keep discovering things.


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    Default Re: Just saying hi; Givenchy, Guerlain

    Other houses that I suggest are worth looking at in addition to Guerlain and Givenchy would be Chanel and Dior.

    I think you might something from both of these houses that you'll enjoy.
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    Default Re: Just saying hi; Givenchy, Guerlain

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    Default Re: Just saying hi; Givenchy, Guerlain

    Hi. I am interested in reading posts like this. It is wonderful to read others journeys and opinions.

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    Default Re: Just saying hi; Givenchy, Guerlain

    Also adding Givenchy Insense and Guerlain Homme Intense, Guerlain LIDGE and the l'Homme Ideal line, particularly l'Homme Ideal Cologne

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    Default Re: Just saying hi; Givenchy, Guerlain

    Thanks for the comments!

    Its nice to have some modern options. But I'm getting picky too. Must be the Guerlain or something but even AdP Colonia Intensa today seems a tad soapy, oh no.

    I put a Chanel on the testlist. Will sample feminine fragrances as well just out of curiosity, if there are any signatures other than No.5 please recommend. I saw there's quite a lot of series there.

    LMVH Givenchy and Dior have me on the fence.. Dior Eau Sauvage, euhm, will test it a bit more later. Mildly curious in trying a Bvlgari or two as well.
    Nice to have a pool of older 10, 20yo scents while going over the local marketplace site. Getting really curious about all the older Givenchy now.

    I don't like vanilla or caramel a lot, PR 1 Million, skip. AdP Silician almond maybe I'll try but not a fan yet. Another example: I get a vanilla drydown from Endymion in a feminine way, I not sure what it is, but not something I want. Dont even find that unisex, I like a bit more citrus in that department. Speaking off, Cartier Declaration tester arrived ('18 perfume I suppose) and I find that reasonably unisex even a bit on the feminine side maybe, I'm curious what my dance partner will think of that one. Anyway, had ignored L'Homme Idéal because of the almond and amaretto notes, and the mild/mixed reviews. I think I can skip Pi b/c of this as well.

    But well, much much more. Over 120 testlist items now, yeah there sure is a lot to try. Also so many interesting stories, and not enough vocabulary make my own. Is (current) Knize Ten or Aramis 900 an idea and not too loud given that I like citrus, wood and spicy or incense notes in general more than soapy or aquatic? Or should I just try out the suggested Homme lines below. How about Guerlain '85 Derby..

    Some things In de 'similar threads' Im reading:

    All the new and old things for on the testlist:

    - Guerlain L'Homme Idéal L'Intense '18
    - Guerlain L'Homme Idéal Cologne '14
    - Guerlain Homme Intense '09
    - YSL L'homme '06 doesnt come with raving reviews but I want to try a YSL as well.
    - Guerlain L'Instant de Guerlain pour Homme '04 [LIDGE]

    - Givenchy Insensé '93
    - Guerlain Heritage EdT '92

    - Monsieur de Givenchy '59
    - Chanel Pour Monsieur '55
    - Guerlain Mouchoir de Monsieur 1904
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    Default Re: Just saying hi; Givenchy, Guerlain

    Welcome back to the fragrance world, there is a lot of interesting fragrances to be smelt and enjoyed I’ve never been happier since I started this hobby. My tastes have changed I know what I like and continue to discover fragrances, even if it’s one fragrance you enjoy still a fun experience.

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    Default Re: Just saying hi; Givenchy, Guerlain

    Welcome to Basenotes !

    Guerlain Vetiver is great stuff ! It's a summer staple in my wardrobe (N. Europe, cool climate)
    If you like Habit Rouge but find it a bit much for everyday wear, why not try Guerlain's Habit Rouge L'Eau - a pared-down cologne version. Recently discontinued, ISTR, but still reasonably-priced and readily available from online discounters.

    Knize Ten is not as full-on as it once may have been, but it still packs an opening blast of leather and florals before it settles down. I really like it. For more straightforward leather, you could try Knize Ten Golden Edition. .
    If you enjoy Knize Ten and are open to sampling classics marketed feminine, you might want to sample Guerlain/s Mitsouko. In a recent blind sample pass, many of us found the vintage EdC leant quite masculine. I thought it had a similarity with the K10 : florals and leather, with the florals slightly more prominent. Others here enjoy wearing Guerlain's Shalimar, which I have only sniffed on card.
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    Default Re: Just saying hi; Givenchy, Guerlain

    Thanks incense+heliotrope, I appreciate those. Looked at Guerlain Vetiver and Habit Rouge L'Eau, and I think I would find that a nice deal without much fear of the current formulation.

    I will try some decants for the others if I can get some with reasonable shipping. I have only read about Knize Ten. But now I have two samples vintage Givenchy Insense and Gentleman (finally) on the way and look forward to compare those. Tried to find some current Xeryus to compare with vintage X and XR but no-one here had a tester or even heard of it. Something to look for at the decant shops if they have it. I've added Mitsouko as well and was already curious about Shalimar!

    On the topic of my Givenchy Gentleman Intense experiences, so today I tried another current Givenchy asking for some vetiver scents. It had exactly the same "burned plastic" notes that scream from to me from the current Sauvage, and I think are below my Gentleman Intense. I snatched a Van Gils Between Sheets being dumped for 10EUR at the local drug store, hoping I would have something like the original '97 yellow-juice clear bottle, but either my nose changed or VGBS has also been reformulated and while still somewhat recognizable now also has something similar synthetic mixed in that may spoil, I mean it really projects but it also reminds me of my '14 Intense mishap hah.
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