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    Default Fake Aventus from Fragrancenet???

    So I decided to take a chance and purchase a bottle from fragrancenet after reading positive about the website on the forums.
    However I was disappointed by what came in the mail.
    The bottle seems to be original, batch number matches however it missing the metal ring around the sprayer.
    Also does not smell like aventus which is the biggest sign.
    To me it appears that the bottle is original but the sprayer was removed and filled with another fragrance. Iím just supervised this would come from fragrancenet.

    Iíve contacted them about the broken bottle, just want to post my not so good experience. I will update with the outcome. 49BE9736-3CC4-4F21-802A-3BF7ECE80E03.jpg8ADDF339-7B02-4F0F-B365-F0A574C1B12C.jpg2543A58D-CCF6-4CFF-A4AB-856EE21E4DDF.jpg

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    Default Re: Fake Aventus from Fragrancenet???

    Wow that sprayer is definitely illegitimate. Looks like someone replaced the original sprayer with something from the hardware store.
    I'm sure Fragrancenet will make it right if they sent this to you. Good luck!
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    Default Re: Fake Aventus from Fragrancenet???

    Definitely should be replaced and hopefully they won't drag their heels replacing it.
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    Default Re: Fake Aventus from Fragrancenet???

    Is the collar stuck inside the cap?

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    Default Re: Fake Aventus from Fragrancenet???

    Not just the sprayer mechanism, the entire bottle is fake, look at the neck and shoulders and how weird everything is, Creed makes very nice bottles with smooth edges no protruding glass anywhere really.

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    Default Re: Fake Aventus from Fragrancenet???

    Update. Received a full refund from fragrancenet due to the damaged sprayer. I would buy from them again due to the ease of the refund but not a creed product.

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