Some people might have noticed that I've been on a Slumberhouse kick recently. I spent the last few months snatching up the SH that I found rather than tracking down samples. I *really* enjoy Kiste, Norne, Pear + Olive, and Bacque. However. New Sibet, Grev, and Ore just aren't making the cut for me.

I've seen the prices go crazy since the Great Slumberhouse Drought of 2018, so I'd like to put the ones that didn't resonate with me up for swap.... *but* only for other Slumberhouse frags (that I don't currently own).

See attached picture for levels, they look to be about 29,29, 27ish (for the grev). I've worn each two or three times, so some is missing by not sure how much.

New Sibet has a box, and grev came with a bag, IIRC the Ore didn't have one, but I'll throw one in there since I can't remember what came with what.

Maybe this will work out, maybe not.

Normal embedded images aren't working so hot right now, so here is a link to the imgur image.