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    Default Anyone have a good caramel accord?

    So I'm so close to creating a nice gourmand but I'm desperately looking for the missing piece. Does anyone have a good caramel accord recipe? At the moment I'm using caramel flavoring to fill in the gap but obviously that's not ideal lol.

    The caramel flavouring seems to be a combination of a huge amount of ethyl cyclopentenolone and something else. Is it butter? Cream? What makes a good caramel accord? I have a few different lactones but they don't seem to provide the wonderful, creamy caramel I'm after - most of them smell more like coconut than butter.

    I've heard lavistamel is good although I'm a bit scared off by the "green" note in it. Also Butyl Butyro Lactate supposed to be good but I'm worried it may lean more towards smelling like cheese rather than caramel.

    So what's the secret guys, what gives caramel that wonderful, comforting buttery smell?

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    Default Re: Anyone have a good caramel accord?

    Don't be scared of Levistamel. It's not that green and I think you will find it useful. Butyl Butyro Lactate lasts 4 hours and Levistamel lasts 400 hours. Where in time is the gap?

    Also research Homofuranol, butyl lactate is a milk note, and methyl laitone may help. A lot of caramel flavors contain coumarin products so make sure you're using enough or that you are trying other things like coumarex. Furfuraldehyde, 5-Methyl Furfural, Furfuryl Alcohol. A lot of caramel seems to also contain tonka which is a given since it contains coumarin. However, if you look up a gcms of tonka you will see that there is a lot more to it. Cinnamon notes, rum notes etc.

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    Default Re: Anyone have a good caramel accord?

    Ethyl maltol, furanones, acetoine (dilute!), guaiacole, vanillylisobutyrate, maple lactone etc. maybe some small amounts of pyrazines.

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    Default Re: Anyone have a good caramel accord?

    Thanks guys - lots of new ingredients to throw into my basket!

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    Default Re: Anyone have a good caramel accord?

    I suppose that I need to get my caramel accord to PSH for sale...

    My formula is 13 lines, with two naturals, and two furanones that are maybe outside of your experiences...
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    Default Re: Anyone have a good caramel accord?

    Jean-Claude Ellena suggests the juxtaposition of the following materials for a Caramel accord:

    Tonka Bean Absolute
    Methyl Cyclopentenolone

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    Default Re: Anyone have a good caramel accord?

    Quote Originally Posted by The Daddy101 View Post
    Thanks guys - lots of new ingredients to throw into my basket!
    I have been playing around with a caramel accord as well. I have not found anything close to what I want but tonka, vanilla, butter CO2, caramel furfural, methyl-5 furfural, and ethyl maltol are currently what I have been using.

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