WOw I made this soap and made the perfume last night WITHOUT MEASURING and I sure do regret it because the soap smells AMAZING
I have some general idea of the ratios and drops used (was feeling a bit of mad scientist last night)
for example I started with 1.50 grams of rose blend essential oil (woolzies) and added .50 givco sampaguita.... i also added a few drops of peppermint because I read it develops rose scents very well. I think the peppermint contributes to the "icy" sheerness of the scent. The strawberries though? Could it be the violet accord (perfumers apprentice)
I also added a touch of myraldyl acetate, my osmanthus blend, lemon, orris, also a touch of black agar, some rosewood, and some lavender alcohol i made. Does the fragrance make any sense to you, even without ratios or a proper order of ingredients?

Strawberries and Ice ! How did this fragrance turn into strawberry?

Here is a picture on my twitter