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Thread: Apoteker Tepe

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    Default Apoteker Tepe

    Is there any place I can possibly find this stuff?

    Apoteker Tepe seems to have ceased to exist...

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    Indeed, they’re no longer in business. They were all well-reviewed in Turin and Sanchez’s new Perfumes Guide, and any remaining stock went fast after that.

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    I'm fairly certain I grabbed the last stock of anything they had anywhere a few months ago, I checked everywhere too

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    The Perfumed Court is still claiming they have decants up to 5ml of Apoteker Tepe O Iakche perfume extract for very high prices.
    How do you know what a French whorehouse smells like?

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    Holy shit I just checked and you're right. In their Japan Sampler set they also have a tiny amount of Karasu available...

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    Sorry to bump this up—- does anyone know of anywhere these might still be available? I’ve only recently gotten in the game and the Turin reviews were fascinating. Pair that with the titles based on great works of art: The Holy Mountain, Pale Fire —- this seems extremely my speed.

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    How do you know what a French whorehouse smells like?

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