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    Default MicroTouch Tough Blades Cartridge Razor

    These German 3-blade cartrdige razors were sold very expensively down here, and I bought some when their price was reduced.
    They are still sold at Amazon

    I've used a couple now, and I don't like them much at all. It always feels like the cartridge is grating on my skin, no matter what good cream or soap I use. To me it feels unpleasant.

    That said, paradoxically, I have never gotten a nick from using the cartridges, and the level of micro-nicks is very low too (as gauged by applying alum after the shave, and counting stings).

    I can't recommend them, but they may be useful for someone who finds regular cartridge razors too aggressive.

    Update: The third cartridge I've tried is better than the other two mentioned above - so far. This new cartridge seems similar in feel to using a Mach3.
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