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Thread: Commodity Rain

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    Default Commodity Rain

    Has anyone tried this stuff out yet? It smells like a luxury soap and it lasts for a long time. I love it but I was wondering if anyone thinks this so too feminine because my mom sure does lol.

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    Default Re: Commodity Rain

    I love luxury soap but have yet to put my nose on a Commodity fragrance yet. A little OT but I wonder why they picked ‘Commodity’ as a brand name...

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    Default Re: Commodity Rain

    Are there any notes listed for this luxury soap?
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    Default Re: Commodity Rain

    I think it leans slightly feminine, but the musk balances it out a bit. I think it's perfectly fine if a guy wears it. I've moved on from this scent to find a better "rain" scent.

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    Quote Originally Posted by N.CAL Fragrance Reviewer View Post
    Are there any notes listed for this luxury soap?

    Water musk (whatever that is), lotus blossom, lemon verbena and jasmine, according to Fragrantica. Sephora only lists three notes for each of the commodity scents in store; I was there this week and checked out of few of them. I don’t recall which 3 were listed for Rain. I remember that it didn’t smell particularly strongly of any of them though.

    Soapy is a good description. It’s clean, and inoffensive. Safe for work. Unisex, as far as those things go, the florals aren’t too forward or sugary. Very expensive for a basic white musk plus floral/aquatic though. Well done if you like that sort of thing.
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    Default Re: Commodity Rain

    It honestly smells like a nice liquid hand soap from Target. It smells pleasant but it doesn't remind me of the name of the fragrance. Nothing earthy or damp

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    Default Re: Commodity Rain

    I have a sample I will wear it soon as post my thoughts
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    Default Re: Commodity Rain

    I would not worry if it's a bit feminine. If you like it wear it. I'm a very masculine, hairy manly man, with the attitude of a mountain man, but I wear several that tinge on what most people think could be feminine, or unisex.

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