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    Default Jean-Charles Castelbajac - BEAUTIFUL DAY - (Maurice Roucel) A Masterpiece !!!

    Not to be confused with the perfume of the same name from Bath and Body Works.

    This 2017 release is very elusive. At the moment it is only carried by Marionnaud perfumeries (here in France) and is available to purchase from their website.

    This is a masterpiece. Created by Maurice Roucel, it contains a very special note/accord. If you were lucky enough to try or own the other very elusive release from Castelbajac,(Castelbajac for Women 2001) (also created by Roucel) the rather kitsch red 'hot water bottle' flacon then this is 95% that fragrance. It has been tweaked and and taken to another level....and put into a much nicer flacon.

    To me personally what makes this fragrance so special is that unique accord which I can only describe as the 'lido' accord or note. Imagine you are laying in the grass next to a large open-air swimming pool and you are getting on the breeze a faint note of the chlorinated water mixed with the greenery. I know it may sound bizarre, but personally I think it's ingenious. Eden from Cacharel also contains the swimming pool note, but in Beautiful Day it is better blended.

    This is really worth searching out !! ...but please note, the 2 flankers, (Beautiful Day Intense and Beautiful Day Bonheur) are completely different fragrances and in my opinion not bottle worthy.

    Beautiful Day is an edt, but sillage and longevity are both excellent.
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    Default Re: Jean-Charles Castelbajac - BEAUTIFUL DAY - (Maurice Roucel) A Masterpiece !!!

    Thanks for the info! I do enjoy Maurice Roucel's works a lot.
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