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    Default Adding Oakmoss to Paco Rabanne PH or Polo


    Not really a full composition DIY idea but I read that adding a few drops of oakmoss essential oil to PRPH ( to overcome IFRA regs ) would give a boost to performance and a vibe similar to vintage original. Is this likely to be true or is it probably hogwash? If true I'm wondering if I should use the absolute Oakmoss or a diluted version and how many drops per 10ml to try. Any ideas?Also I wondered if it would boost Polo Green too? If so, same questions.

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    Default Re: Adding Oakmoss to Paco Rabanne PH or Polo

    could be accurate ideas... but as for amounts, if you dilute to 10% in alcohol, per 10ml, you could try two - five drops, and see where that puts you.
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