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    Unhappy Molecule 01 from Notino fake or not?

    Hello guys,

    I ordered a Molecule 01 from The smell is there but the sample i had was nicer. I wanted to check the batch number and saw that there is no sticker on the bottom of the bottle but there is mark of some glue, so obviously is has been removed. I then checked the bottom of the box only to see a black sticker in front of MADE IN ENGLAND. i peeled of the black sticker and underneath the box was cut out.

    Here are the pictures for proof

    I went to the Escentric website and read the FAQ and they say:", and are not official stockists of Escentric Molecules."

    Any thoughts on this?

    Should I return it. Is this a fake or just some overstock?thumbnail (1).jpg
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    Default Re: Molecule 01 from Notino fake or not?

    I would be surprised if there were escentric fakes out there as it's not a popular brand like ysl or Dior.
    For some reason the batch code on your bottle is being hidden. If the box, bottle and more importantly the fragrance seem right I wouldn't worry. You obviously got this discounted so maybe you shouldn't worry. The site you bought it from is not liked by escentric so maybe that's the reason the barcode is hidden .

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    Default Re: Molecule 01 from Notino fake or not?

    It's probably a grey market item.
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    Default Re: Molecule 01 from Notino fake or not?

    Try removing the glue and seeing the number. There are good fakes, but yours should be fine !
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    Default Re: Molecule 01 from Notino fake or not?

    Quote Originally Posted by hednic View Post
    It's probably a grey market item.
    My thought also.

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