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    Default The Perfume Nationalist podcast

    Hi guys,

    I've started a fragrance-themed podcast called The Perfume Nationalist and the premiere episode is about Aromatics Elixir. Next week we're doing Yatagan. It can be found on my blog and also on Apple podcasts. Enjoy!

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    Default Re: The Perfume Nationalist podcast

    The Perfume Nationalist?

    Was The Perfume Nazi already taken?
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    3. Yes, it has been reformulated.
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    Default Re: The Perfume Nationalist podcast

    Yes Darjeeling The Perfume Nazi was already taken so had to settle. Oh well

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    Default Re: The Perfume Nationalist podcast

    Thanks for sharing the link.
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    Default Re: The Perfume Nationalist podcast

    I'll check it out, there seems to be a lack of quality, regularly produced podcasts about fragrance.

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    Default Re: The Perfume Nationalist podcast

    Thanks for sharing
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    Default Re: The Perfume Nationalist podcast

    Thanks for sharing
    ~~~~~May all your days be perfumed~~~~~

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    Default Re: The Perfume Nationalist podcast

    Good stuff!

    They mostly talked about Aromatics Elixir, its hippy origins, and the near psychedelic experiences of wearing it.

    They also talked about the goofy yet high-concept marketing of 80s perfumes. How women would wear them and wouldn't dare admit if they were getting a headache - their undivided commitment to fashion. They ended on the current state of fragrance and how everyone's mysteriously allergic to fragrance and yet only 30 years ago, things like Poison, AE, Youth Dew, etc were all over the office workplace with cigarette smoking.
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    Default Re: The Perfume Nationalist podcast

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