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    Default Joop! Homme Extreme

    Just last week I received a bottle of Joop! Homme Extreme.I was a bit curious about this one regardless of unflattering reviews...seemed to provoke me even more to try it.In complete honesty here's my thoughts on it...

    *The cherry note is the same but not doused with lavender powder...this goes a bitter-sweet cocoa powder and is minimal...not textured.A darker cherry note reminding me of black cherry.Not seeing the gum reference where the original Joop! Homme smelled cotton candy-ish.

    *Being that this doesn't come off syrupy sweet like the original, the leather in this is much more evident.

    *The patchouli is definitely turned down on this one and not on bomb status of the 70's/80's flavor Joop! Homme.When I sprayed this on my wrist strangely I couldn't detect the patchouli at all.I was a little disappointed but proceeded to spray this on my chest and neck.On drydown though I got pleasant tones of the patchouli though.It's nice just not a constant flow of's more controlled.

    *The 'hot skin' note...I'm reminded of Bvlgari Pour Homme on this smell.It's a light fabric smell that reminds me of taking a sweater still warm out of the dryer.

    This fragrance to me was moderate projection and being a 10 hour fragrance.I agree with some that the wording 'Extreme' doesn't fit this fragrance where 'Smooth' would instead.It's lowered in projection,a little less colorful from fewer notes but more focused.I can see where some might be disappointed in seeking this under a pretense that it's a cranked up version to the original successor.I think this is Joop's response for those who struggled to like the original Joop! Homme.They found it too sweet,too heady,and just too overpowering at the slightest hint of perspiration or ray of sunlight.

    Anyone else bought this fragrance? I'd love to get your thoughts on Joop! Homme Extreme too.

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    Default Re: Joop! Homme Extreme

    I tested this one a while back and it was a scrubber for me. The best from the Joop line that I have tried is Joop Homme Wild, which I owned and recently sold off. It’s a sweet and boozey fragrance which I initially loved but as time wore on and I got my nose on a wider range of things it became a little immature. I would recommend giving it a try though.

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    Default Re: Joop! Homme Extreme

    Quote Originally Posted by BoxPred View Post
    I tested this one a while back and it was a scrubber for me.
    Have tried it also and felt the same as you.
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    Default Re: Joop! Homme Extreme

    Did not buy this one yet, but having tested it repeatedly, must admit to have liked it more than the regular Joop Homme, as a slight improvement due to additional spicy, somewhat gourmand but not overly sweet and altogether fresher, better structured notes (at least compared to Joop Homme).
    Also not disliking and rather enjoying its extra facets of boozy, bitter-sweet and almost licorice like facets (but not pungent, sharp nor one dimensionally sweet as "full on", umitigated, concentrated licorice) and may actually consider these to be additional arguments in favor of at least (re) testing if not necessarily owning/buying this scent.

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    Default Re: Joop! Homme Extreme

    Quote Originally Posted by hednic View Post
    Have tried it also and felt the same as you.
    And I am right there with you two.

    It’s not my type of juice, personally.

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