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    Default Galbanolene super - Replacer

    I have no way of acquiring Galbanolene super. Is there a proper replacer that can add its green effect to a blend. Anything that replicate its effect? Any galbanum materials or aldehydes? Thanks guys!

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    I suggest Dynascone, not sure which for you would work but I have Dynascone Neat and it's beautiful pineapple green waxy galbanum aspect, with great rounding effects.

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    Default Re: Galbanolene super - Replacer

    Oh I just found my Hexalon, this stuff is incredible it has a sugary pineapple waxy galbanum effect, seriously amazing in dilution, smells bad at full strength though. Prefer this over Dynascone for sure. One of the best materials in my collection, has grown on me as I've gained experience (I hated it when I got it).

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