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    Lightbulb 15% OFF at Fragranceline Happy Valentines Day Ends February 17th (Video & links inside) .

    code vday15

    Here's fragragranceline's link

    Carlos of You Tube
    doing a review using Fragranceline's products

    Here's Fragranceline's Facebook page

    They have 23 recommendations .
    I generally get my orders from Fragranceline in excellent time.

    Here's thier Pinterest page link

    They only have 3 followers .
    Might be why I have excellent shipping time.


    I've used Fragracnceline 4 to 5 times.
    Every time was a good experience.
    The only thing I can say is the decants are not like The Decant Shop's ,
    or Surrender to Chances either.
    They feel thin , and I did have on drop and break on impact.
    They are glass decants with very good sprayers though .
    They are better than your average glass decant/sprayer set ups ,
    but they don't work as well as the Decant Shops for having a decant in your jeans pocket.
    That problem could be resolved by putting them in your office desk drawer or locker at work.
    Just smelling the decant I got of fille en aiguille from Fragranceline.
    soooooo nice
    You should check out the price of a Serge as compared to the other decanters,
    Very nicely priced by comparison .
    So, for me it's a with yes with fragranceline .
    Oh, btw ,
    strifeknot's of basenotes has a number of the vintage Serge Lutens
    here's his basenotes forum decant page.
    Do we have a best splitter award here on basenotes ?


    best batch wishes
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