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    Default D&G The One EDT (for men) 100ml empty bottle wanted


    I am looking for a D&G The One EDT (for men) 100ml empty bottle. In particular, I am looking for a lid as i have made a purchase of this item but with the lid missing.


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    Default Re: D&G The One EDT (for men) 100ml empty bottle wanted

    This appears to be a factory tester, based on your description. I have the same issue regarding another fragrance. I happen to have a regular retail version of the fragrance you mention, but it is from around when it first launched, give or take a year or two, and it especially is not empty. There is some chemical degradation going on, but in a weird and possibly unstable way it seems to add a certain booziness to it. I could offer you a deal where you would send me its contents in a durable, sealed bag of the kind that soups are sometimes filled into, while I would attempt to part with the cap. That would then lead us or especially you back to square one though. I should build a business plan out of this! Is it not nice how someone in this chain felt the need to remind everyone that while they may purchase a respective fragrance for a price which tends to reflect the actual value of the product as a whole, one will then be punished by either receiving no cap at all or sometimes receiving the simplest of caps covering the sprayer? And no, you will not receive any fancy packaging either, because those who are purchasing factory testers, and who thus are a hindrance to our accumulation of wealth, they are not worthy of that. The funny thing is that in many cases, not worth is the price premium accompanying these rather disposable elements.

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