All of these are available for Swap for the right offer... all are full presentation with just one exception... pics are available for interested swappers...if you don't have any feedback expect to send first, you can verify my feedback here as well as on facebook.

Roja Creation E parfum 48/50 ml remaining, likely more but low balling it, used about 5 sprays total.

Roja Danger parfum 46/50 ml remaining, likely more again low balling it, used about 7 sprays total.

Xerjoff Kobe 45/50 ml remains, I got it in a swap doesn't agree with me I only used 2 sprays but it came to me down 5 ml

Jovoy Private Label 99/ 100 ml remaining I used 1 spray. This thing is a beast, way too big for me.

Tauer 25th Anniversary 49/50 ml remaining, 3 sprays used

L'Artisan Parfumeur Bois Farine 40/50 ml remaining cheapie but maybe somebody is interested. Early bottle no presentation just the bottle.

Amouage Tribute Attar sealed BNIB 30 ml 1st version of the red box, the most potent.

My wants list... Guerlain Derby, Arsene Lupin Dandy, Mitsouko Shalimar Lheure Bleue vintage extraits. Guet Apens/Royal extract, Iris Ganache, Dress Code
Amouage : Homage Attar, Dia Man vintage edition
Marc de la Morandiere : Gengis Khan
Chanel : Coromandel Bois des Iles, vintage Egoist
Grossmith : Hasu No Hana
Vintage bottle of Joop ( im nostalgic lol)
Dior : Amber Nuit ( original formulation )
Mazzolari Lui

I am willing to add cash, do multiple bottles, take cash, take multiple bottles... No decants, and presentation is preferable.

If you want to try an offer for something not on my wish list to save time... I will not consider any Creed, Tom Ford, Bond, Byredo, Parfums De Marly, Nishane, Killian, Initio, MFK, ADP, Le Labos, Clone or Designer (other than the ones noted)

Want to find some niches that are a little less known and just something new. I've smelt all these brands a million times over, I'm done.