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    Default Looking for a natural alternative to B-damascone

    Does anyone know of any natural alternatives or natural suppliers of B-damascone CAS #35044-68-9?

    I recently formulated a cherry note that uses a small amount of damascone to help round out the flavor, unfortunately I was supposed to only be working with all natural materials and I can not for the life of me find a natural source for it.

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    Default Re: Looking for a natural alternative to B-damascone

    B-damascone is not something you could recreate easily, there is not one natural material that mimics it, hence why it was made in a lab. Working with natural materials is actually worse for the environment, there is a limited supply of these naturals that we are pulling from nature and will eventually run out at our current pace. Also naturals have hundreds of constituents that are potentially allergenic while synthetics are far less likely to be allergenic because they only consist of a few molecules which are rigorously tested for bad reactions. Aromatic synthetics get a bad rap for undeserved reasons, probably because the word synthetic is looked down upon as a cheap, manufactured copy of something in nature. Not true, n fact some of the greatest and most expensive perfume ingredients are synthetics which cannot be sourced from nature.

    If you must recreate an accord of b-damascone, look at it's description and try and recreate it with naturals. DAMASCONE BETA is a complex odor of rose, plum, blackcurrant, wine and tobacco.

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    Default Re: Looking for a natural alternative to B-damascone

    There is natural Beta Damascone here. I have no idea what the price is, but I assume it will be very expensive:

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    Default Re: Looking for a natural alternative to B-damascone

    There is no natural substitute for B-damascenone.

    That said, the best natural to use if for some reason you can't use the synthetic is damask rose absolute, which contains natural B-damascenone (along with other fragrance substances). It is very expensive though.

    Aftelier offers 5ml of naturally derived "Damascenone 1%" for $18.
    I would suggest just using regular damascenone since it is essentially the same exact thing.

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    Default Re: Looking for a natural alternative to B-damascone

    Thank you all for the replies, Sounds like I will be reformulating. I am completely behind using synthetics, they just are out of spec for this particular project. I wish the public were more educated on where natural scent/flavor molecules come from, and the impacts those processes have on the environment.

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