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    Default "Website not secure" message

    I have had some recent issues on my MacBook, and had cleared my cache/history. When I came to BN to sign back in, the searcher is telling me "Website not secure".

    What is going on?
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    Default Re: "Website not secure" message

    I get that message too, as I’m logging in. Once I’m logged in it goes away.

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    Default Re: "Website not secure" message

    does this mean that Basenotes isn't encrypted and is using HTTP -- so very hackable?

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    Default Re: "Website not secure" message

    Quote Originally Posted by Kaern View Post
    does this mean that Basenotes isn't encrypted and is using HTTP -- so very hackable?
    l believe that is the case. That message is there for me the whole time l'm logged in.
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    Default Re: "Website not secure" message

    About 4 months ago, I had to hire a freelance web developer that I use to transfer my own website to a new server and get an SSL Certificate. I believe it changed the designation from HTTP to HTTPS in the process. My website started showing up in google searches as "Not Secure" for the exact reason that Basenotes is showing up as "Not Secure." I believe google made a decision to mark all sites that do not have the SSL Certificate and not changed to HTTPS as Not Secure. I'm not tech savvy enough to understand exactly what the difference is, but encryption makes sense as a reason. For my modest site, it only cost me a couple hundred dollars, but I would imagine it's a big effort to transfer all of Basenotes to a new server and get the certification. But I do hope it happens soon. I suspect that google will begin downgrading search results eventually for sites that are Not Secure so Fragrantica will show up more in fragrance searches...eventually.
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    Default Re: "Website not secure" message

    Your screen name and password are transmitted unencrypted, don't use the same password for basenotes that you use for anything else.

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