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    Default Dark Spot Treatment

    I'm 40 years old with some dark spots in face mainly in cheeks area near the eyes contour.

    What are the best options / treatment for reducing this dark spots?
    I saw these products on web. Which is the best or do you advice anything else?

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    Default Re: Dark Spot Treatment

    I'm not an expert here. It's very difficult to orient oneself in skincare products because the producers don't have to conduct controlled studies. It seems that some of the products contain alpha hydroxy acids (glycolic, azelaic), which are light exfoliants, so could help in that regard. Others say they contain vitamin C. I think there is some evidence that vitamin C helps with pigmentation, but it is very unstable, and I don't think that there is any evidence that the supposed C vitamin in creams and the like has any effect. So hard to orient oneself. la Roche Posay is probably the most well known brand and I have liked some other products of the range, but I don't know about this.

    I think there are prescription molecules that have been proven to help (eg hydroquinone), but as said one needs a dermatologist for those.

    Needless to say, step number one though is consistent use of SPF, since the usual cause of dark spots and hyperpigmentation is sun damage.


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    Default Re: Dark Spot Treatment

    Which SPF you use or recommend?

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    Default Re: Dark Spot Treatment

    I heard some dermatologists say that one should use whatever SPF cream one likes using. SPF is regulated, so they all work (as long as they are broad spectrum, ie both UVA and UVB-depending on the country regulations, they need not be). But one has to apply a lot and reapply through the day, so that's why dermatologists want people to use something they like and do apply. If one buys an expensive cream and then use too little because it is expensive, the thing is of no use for sun protection.

    I personally use stuff I buy in Europe because in Europe there are more advanced molecules that are not allowed in the US. but as said, any SPF 30, say, will work.

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    Default Re: Dark Spot Treatment

    My take on this - visit dermatologist and not a cosmetologist.
    Dermatology knows how to solve this kind of problems, so talk to doctor, ask for recommendations and proceed with treatment.
    Money spent on this are totally worth it!

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