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    Thumbs up Nivea Shaving Creams

    I've used up a tube (the blue one, I think it's called 'moisturizing'), and currently going through another (the white one, 'sensitive' skin).

    Excellent quality. Very smooth, lots of lather, and leaves my skin hydrated.

    In fact I'm surprised - they are at least as good as Proraso and Trumper (I have Lime), if not better!

    Very affordable. Once I finish my Proraso and Trumper, I'm going to stick to Nivea. Travel friendly tube.

    If you're using Bleu de Chanel EdP/Parfum, the smell of the blue Nivea shaving cream is in the same ballpark.

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    Default Re: Nivea Shaving Creams

    I've also used at times in the past the 'blue one". It always gave me a refreshing smooth shave and agree excellent quality.
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    Default Re: Nivea Shaving Creams

    My father swears by the Nivea range. I liked the blue one and went through a tube once but slightly prefer the Palmolive shave stick, if I can still find it.
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    Default Re: Nivea Shaving Creams

    Thanks. I've only used the blue one once and was a tad ho-hum about it.
    I must revisit it and give it a week long go.

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    Default Re: Nivea Shaving Creams

    I had the white Nivea shaving gel for sensitive skin a few years ago. It was a dead ringer for Coco Mademoiselle.

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    Default Re: Nivea Shaving Creams

    Hi all,

    Man, I guess I got lucky! There is a "Salvage" type store here in Maine called "Mardens" which has the slogan "I shoulda bought it, when it saw it, at Mardens".
    At any rate, several years ago, I was in need of Shave Cream and I found myself at Mardens checking out the "Personal Care items". Ummmm.....Nivea. While I was familiar with the Company "Nivea" I had never heard of their Shave Cream (the one in the Blue and White Tube for Sensitive Skin). So, I purchased one tube of Nivea from a shelf stacked with a PILE of Nivea boxes. Once home, I searched on line the regular price of this product (along with all the positive reviews of Nivea) and YIKES! Today's price on Amazon is SIXTEEN DOLLARS per tube plus six dollars shipping! So, any any rate, that day some two years ago, I drove directly back to Mardens and purchase about twenty tubes (a life time supply) of Nivea Shave Cream for Sensitive Skin ! If memory serves, I paid 1.49 per tube! WIN!


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