Personally I would make the case for enfleurage here - try to remember that a picked rose continues to bloom over the next few days. Putting it in strong alcohol will only ensure that it stops blooming, pretty much immediately. So it is capturing a moment of bloom, not several days. You could put it upside down in water and capture more scent.
When you push a flower in coconut oil or lard the bloom process is 7 to 20 times faster than other methods, which is why it is just a 1-3 days you leave it on, and replace with new flowers once those are done. When each is picked off the lard, place it in a jar with alcohol and shake to get the loose lard off before throwing away if you need to be thrifty with that material.
The difficulty with enfleurage comes with trying to make a clean pretty absolute by washing with alcohol and evaporating. I do not do that currently, it breaks my fun and also I am more fascinated with the scent of the fatty acids captured that are supposed to be removed to make it last longer! You can always put vitamin E, clove, magnesium oil, other preservatives, put in the fridge, etc.

oil- I have a little bottle of oil and flowers I purchased years ago and it is still nice. I think it is just baby oil and some sprigs of flowers. Wondering if anyone here has done oil with materials.

water - plenty of videos on youtube and instruction elsewhere on how to make hydrosols. Some people love it but it looks like more trouble than the enfleurage.

alcohol - I tinctured many things in alcohol but at the end of every bottle I think what aroma chemicals I could have bought with $25 I have trouble with wet material. If it does not give much scent, then I have added a lot of water and may not be able to reuse the alcohol for much. I like the 3-pack clear plastic lotion dispensers from dollar store because I like to see any color change, and also labels stick well.

Would love if anyone could add to this thread with their tincture or extraction methods, as we do seem to have a questions on it often.