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    Default Long time, no see! What have I been missing?

    Hey, guys! Haven’t really been around here for quite some time. Life got busy and my fragrance hobby somewhat fell by the wayside. Just want to start out by greeting everyone that I used to talk with on here, and saying “Hello!” for the first time to those whom I’ve yet to become acquainted with! I’ve recently had the itch over the last few months to dive back in and have grabbed a few bottles that had always been on the Backburner of my “to buy” list.


    Histoires de Parfums - 1740, 1969, and Patroleum
    Guerlain - Tonka Imperialle and Songe d'un Bois d'Ete
    Creed - Royal Mayfair
    Amouage - Beloved
    Etat Libre d’Orange - Tom of Finland
    Penhaligon’s - Levantium, Hammam Boquet, and Sartorial
    Nasomatto - Pardon
    Frederic Malle - Music Ravageur and Monsieur
    Frapin - Nevermore

    I’ve been out of the game proper since about 2013 or so (with occasional stops by the fragrance counters at Barney’s and a few quick peeks into The Scent Bar), and have just been wondering what have some of the shining stars and cult classics been in the last 5-6 years. I figured my recent purchase would give some insight towards what I’ve been into, but I’m fairly open. The only newer fragrances I’ve tried recently have been Flowerbomb (which I detested) and Creed’s Viking (which I have mixed opinions on due to the mint).

    I’m sure there have been tons that have flown right under my radar over the last few years and knew that you guys would be the right ones to ask! Glad to be back!

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    Default Re: Long time, no see! What have I been missing?

    Wow! One of my first and oldest Basenotes “friends”...welcome back! It’s good to see your post.

    Let’s see, there’s been a lot. Based on what I can kind of guess is your taste, you may want to investigate the following:

    Nasomatto Baraonda
    Guerlain Habit Rouge Dress Code
    Feau Secret (Bruno fazzolari)
    Parfums MDCI Chypre Palatin and Cuir Garramante
    Dusita Oud Infini
    Amouage Journey Man
    Bat Zoologist
    Areej Le Dore: Siberian Musk, Russian Musk, Invernon Russo, Russian Oud....the problem is that these have become quite expensive and hard to find, but they’re incredible fragrances
    Nishane Fan Your Flames
    Orlov Star of the Season
    Yohji Yamamoto I’m not going to disturb you homme

    I have mixed feelings about this group. Many aren’t my taste but they’re well-liked by people who have taste that seems to align with yours and they are good quality.

    These are some of my personal favorites of the last 6 years:

    MFK Baccarat Rouge
    Mancera Cedrat Boise
    Byredo Bal d’Afrique
    Carven L’Eau Intense
    Bat Zoologist
    Russian Musk
    Noir Exquis
    New York Intense.
    Art de la Guerre
    Equipage Geranium
    Private Label
    Bleu de Chanel Parfum (not the eau de Parfum)

    If I had to recommend three of these it would be Cedrat Boise, New York Intense, and Bleu Parfum

    As far as houses, Zoologist is one of the most interesting to emerge recently. Also Areej Le Dore, Slumberhouse, and Bruno Fazzolari.
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    Default Re: Long time, no see! What have I been missing?

    Welcome back, glad you could revisit and join us again here on BN!

    So far, could only think about only a few fragrance releases was impressed about: Blazing Mr Sam by Penhaligon's and the new incense based fragrances by Le Couvent des Minimes, like Smyrna, Valparaiso, Fort Royal, Santa Cruz, Porto Bello.

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    Default Re: Long time, no see! What have I been missing?

    As someone else who falls in and out of the hobby depending upon life's circumstances (and has recently come back from a couple of years mostly 'out'), let me say welcome back!

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    Default Re: Long time, no see! What have I been missing?

    Thanks, gentlemen! These are the exact sort of recs I’m looking for! Really appreciate the posts!

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    Default Re: Long time, no see! What have I been missing?


    Dior put out a fragrance called Sauvage a few years ago. Never quite made it to the mainstream, but I like it a lot! Welcome back
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    Default Re: Long time, no see! What have I been missing?

    Welcome back to you! You have grabbed some wonderful bottles in your return!
    Remember that while it is perfectly acceptable to criticize the content of a post - criticizing the poster is not.
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    Default Re: Long time, no see! What have I been missing?

    Welcome back!

    As a brand, singling out The Zoo by Laudamiel (in particular, Club design, Fig My love, Rhubarb my love).


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    Default Re: Long time, no see! What have I been missing?

    Welcome Back. I would recommend taking a look at both Rouge Perfumery and The Zoo. I'm hosting sample passes for both.


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    Default Re: Long time, no see! What have I been missing?

    Welcome back!!

    I just recently started getting back into fragrances after a few years off myself, and some recent hits for me include:

    Guerlain L'Homme Ideal EDP
    Guerlain Habit Rouge Dress Code
    Miller Harris La Fumee Arabie EDP

    I would also suggest check out the Rasasi and Mancera threads on here, as I don't think those houses had really gotten much attention on Basenotes back in 2013. They are both pretty affordable lines, with Mancera especially coming down in price at discounters the last few years. A few recommendations from them include:

    Al Wisam Day
    Faqat Lil Rijal
    Rumz Al Rasasi Leopard

    Aoud Cafe
    Aoud Black Candy
    Kumkat Wood
    Gold Intensive Aoud

    EDIT: I would also recommend Pure Tonka from Mugler as worth a try, if you like the Amen line at all.

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    Default Re: Long time, no see! What have I been missing?

    Welcome back
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    Default Re: Long time, no see! What have I been missing?

    Quote Originally Posted by Partario View Post

    I’ve been out of the game proper since about 2013 or so...
    One thing that's happened is that ten bazillion new frags have come on the market since then, and everybody and their brother who you've never heard of before seems to have started a new fragrance line, with often a dozen perfumes to begin with. This has made it nearly impossible to pretend that it's possible to keep up with things anymore. And made Basenotes an even more valuable resource, when it comes to trying to separate wheat from the chaff. As much as that's possible, that is, when it seems like a dozen new frags are coming on the market every week.

    Another trend is large increases in prices, as brands try and fight to be "exclusive, not so much because of higher quality, but simply because fewer people can afford them.

    Far fewer celebrity fragrances being introduced these days though, so that's at least one positive development.
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    Default Re: Long time, no see! What have I been missing?

    A few things have happened.

    1)Drugstore/value brands have mostly been replaced by body sprays in big markets outside of legacy brands. Celebrity scents have also died.
    2)Designers have slid downmarket in quality while paradoxically sliding upmarket in price. There are some exceptions however.
    3)The niche boom has splintered into levels from designer prestige, ultra-expensive luxury brands, boutique niche, and artisanal "true niche".
    4)Vintage scents have become more collectible due to IFRA restrictions and cost reformulation, creating frenzies and shooting prices skyward.
    5)Creed Aventus has become its own religion, pending approval from the IRS. Look for the newest chapel to be built near you.
    6) Jeremy Fragrance is quickly becoming the Logan Paul of fragrance Youtubers. Join his army or be trodden by a million keyboard warriors.
    7) We're all on the highway to Hell but don't worry, I'm driving the bus.

    Welcome back!
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    Default Re: Long time, no see! What have I been missing?

    Don't ask...just read and find out for yourself!
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    Default Re: Long time, no see! What have I been missing?

    I see you took about a three year sabbatical, with the occasional visit back.
    It can be refreshing, I have done so once or twice before and I’m just now entering another phase of BN hibernation as I write my thesis to get my MSc in Business Administration and Commercial Law. BN can eat up too much time, when spending hours in front of the computer writing.

    You have missed the Sauvage Wars and the Jeremy Fragrance insurgency. There was also the Dua sleeper cell infiltration, but it was thankfully unravelled quickly by our ever vigilant mods. Their service to our community is highly appreciated.
    There have been signs of civil unrest in the Aventus subforum, but it is a slowly smoldering potential conflict, not one that seems to be a potential catastrophe.

    As your tastes seem to reflect more classic BN tastes, you could put your nose on Gucci Guilty Absolute, a wonderfully anachronistic leather and petroleum scent that seems totally misplaced when taking current designer trends into account, especially because of Gucci’s post-TF race to the bottom.
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    Taking a break, though I might drop in from time to time.
    If I don’t reply, that’s why.
    - Norstrøm

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