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    Default [USA] MFK Baccarat Rouge 540 EXTRAIT, Tom Ford Private Blends, Azure Lime, Japon Noir, Tobacco Oud

    This is the EXTRAIT version and _not_ the EDP of Baccarat Rouge 540 from Maison Francis Kurkdjian

    Only FIVE FOUR 10ml slots open, the rest of this I'm keeping for myself, it's quite an amazing scent!

    Prices include shipping anywhere in USA that USPS delivers along with 10ml atomizer

    10ml - $50
    5ml - $30


    Tobacco Oud
    10ml - $25

    Azure Lime
    10ml - $25

    Santal Blush
    10ml - $25

    Japon Noir (limited quantity)
    10ml - $40

    NO PAYPAL -- sorry, I don't have a PayPal account, nor do I want one

    I would prefer Google Pay, because it's the easiest and doesn't require any signup, you have it already if you have a Google account / GMail address

    But for folks who don't have a Google account, I can also accept Apple Pay, Zelle, or VenMo
    This should cover anyone who has an iPhone, iPad, Mac, or an Android phone, or even just a checking account at any bank in the USA

    DM ME if you're interested, ships from NY


    Added a bunch of Tom Ford PB's, will add Hermessence, Kilian, Frapin & Amouage soon
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    Default Re: [USA] MFK Baccarat Rouge 540 EXTRAIT, Tom Ford Private Blends, Azure Lime, Japon Noir, Tobacco O

    Bumpity bump, added some scents, more to come soon

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