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Thread: Mousse-de-Saxe

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    I am referring to this thread:

    This thread was started by an obviously trained perfumist. However, this thread got rather technical. I would like to know which vintage male fragrances have this accord.
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    Hi Sniffman-

    The perfumers on the DIY Forum can get technical, but I do love to listen in and learn.

    I also love the vintage Mousse de Saxe base. In the thread you cited, Perfumekev names Hermes Doblis and Knize10 as masculines containing Mousse de Saxe. I am not familiar with vintage Doblis, but I have tried recent Knize 10 and I would say the vintage might very well have contained Mousse de Saxe. I don't get much Mousse de Saxe in my vintage Vol de Nuit. On the other hand, vintage Nuit de Noel is full of Mousse de Saxe, and its a perfume that could be worn by a man easily.

    You can get a recreated Mousse de Saxe base (AKA Saxony Thyme) from the Perfumers Supply House here:

    I had to get some, and it smells wonderful on its own. Combined with the PSH Rose Absolute, it's even better. I don't DIY but the combination is as close to one of my unicorn scents, Caron's Or et Noir, as I am going to get.
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