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    Question Vintage Joop! FEMME Strange Bottle?

    Hi everyone,

    there is such a strange bottle, it is absolutely not looks like the traditional bottle of Joop! FEMME. First I thought it was some kind of pilot release, on the box there is no list of ingredients, no batch code and green dot:


    But then I paid attention to the tail of the Joop's logo - it was rotated in other direction (to the left, but usually to the right):


    Summary of oddities:

    1. the bottle itself (+ cap);
    2. tail of the logo is rotated to the left;
    3. on the bottle there are no any texts and sticker (maybe it has long come unstuck from time);
    4. barcode starts with 9 (this is Austria);
    5. greate Google does not know about the existence of such a box and such a bottle.

    Any thoughts?

    P.S. For comparison, the traditional bottle looks like this:

    architect with a photo-camera

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    Default Re: Vintage Joop! FEMME Strange Bottle?

    I only know the crescent/ semi-circular flacon. It could be a counterfeit/copy (?). You could email Joop! in Germany with a photo. It would be interesting to know what they say.
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