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    Default Hawthorne Deodorant and Soap-- Excellent

    Hawthorne fragrances are essentially un-reviewable on Basenotes, because there are no specific fragrances, they are (supposedly) derived from a customer's answers to a quiz. Therefore, there are not just two "Work" and "Play" fragrances, but perhaps dozens; one can't be sure. BUT, I can tell you with assurance that their deodorant and soap/s are excellent. I feel the same way about their body wash/es. Sure they supposedly come out of the same quiz program, which is either a gimmick or it is not, but as for the washing products, I love them and will use them for a long time to come. They work brilliantly; they smell either very nice or not at all depending upon what you want. They are naturally derived and sourced from what I can tell are wonderful suppliers. I suggest if you are looking for the best non-aluminum based deodorants, body wash and soap go to Hawthorne and take the quiz.
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