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    Default Any sort of consensus on best facial sunscreen?

    I tend to breakout somewhat easily (at 37, wtf!) anyone with similar issues have great luck with any sort of daily, facial sunscreen? Thanks!

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    Default Re: Any sort of consensus on best facial sunscreen?

    I don't break out easily, but I have used stuff from some French pharmacy brands that feel quite light and not greasy. In general, French pharmacy brands like La Roche Posay and Avene are more expensive, but target their products to different types of skin. For instance, this one is advertised for acne prone skin:

    I use an Avene light hydrating sunscreen (Avene, not Aveeno), but I buy it in Europe, so don't know how US versions compare (Europe allows more sunscreen molecules than the US).


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    Default Re: Any sort of consensus on best facial sunscreen?

    OP, I'd say try Japanese products. They should have the best sunscreens due to their obsession with white skin

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