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    Default Tetrahydromyrcenol VS Dihydromyrcenol

    Hello Basenoters,

    Being in a country that has no supplier for hobby perfumers, I have to double-check the aromachemicals before buying any of them.
    While looking for any difference between those two: Tetrahydromyrcenol and Dihydromyrcenol, I could never find it online in terms of their scent.
    So I wonder could someone kindly point out the difference, from his/her own olfaction.

    Thank you.

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    Default Re: Tetrahydromyrcenol VS Dihydromyrcenol

    one of the major difference between THM and DHM is that THM contains little bit more of floral odor with the citrus while DHM mostly focuses on only Citrus odor.

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