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    Default Versace starfruit eau fraiche

    I was trying to understand what kind of note or accord it may use at the end of Versace eau fraiche (startfruit ).
    Any ideas please

    Thankyou in advance

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    Default Re: Versace starfruit eau fraiche

    At the end? There isn't too much fruity materials that are basenotes, but Calone comes to mind...

    "Starfruit" is not extracted, afaik, so this is just a fantasy 'note'.
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    Default Re: Versace starfruit eau fraiche

    That so true Paul...but sometimes smells like ciclogalbanate with DHM bergamote orange and mandarin or AAG with a trace of Manzanate...but theres a sweet mimuc fruit that lasts to dry down that i cant figure it out.


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    Default Re: Versace starfruit eau fraiche

    So this is more of a brain storm throw things at the way type thing. Sweet long lasting fruity notes. Dulcinyl, allyl cyclohexyl propionate, butyl anthranilate, cyclabute, folione, aldinyle, hexalon, nectaryl, apritone, dimethyl phenyl ethyl carbinol, phenirat, syringa aldehyde.
    Starfruit also has waxy and buttery nuances so ethyl laurate and butyl undecylenate

    Could be none of them but at least these should help you figure out what your smelling!

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