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    Default Aroma Data sharing through excel spreadsheets

    Since I started collecting aroma chemicals/EOs I've kept an inventory with the common data points found on sites like creating perfume or good scents (cost, appearance, use, strength etc etc). I was curious if anyone else had something like this going? If yes I have this super nerdy dream of making like a mega database where I can have basically a full list of all available aromas.......If this is something you have and would like to share - or, even better - if you know of one that already exists I would love to hear about it!

    I should note:

    ~ I've already ruled out the software available on PerfumersWorld, $160 is too cost prohibited, especially now that all my money is spent on smells.
    ~ Even if it's not in the same format as me I can combine spreadsheets so don't worry about that
    ~ I will be happy to share whatever the end result is

    Couldn't find anything on this topic in the DIY forum so hope I'm not repeating an old thread! Thank you!

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    Default Re: Aroma Data sharing through excel spreadsheets

    Honestly, why would you do this when you have the entire TGSC database to reference?
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