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    Exclamation Real or Fake 120ml Creed Aventus?

    Hey I purchased a 120ml bottle of Creed Aventus from someone off Poshmark. It did not come with a box or any papers. Also, there's no stamp anywhere on the bottle that shows what batch number it is. It does smell like Aventus just not as strong as the current batches I have smelled.

    Attached are some pictures so please let me know if you think its real or fake.

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    Default Re: Real or Fake 120ml Creed Aventus?

    Pretty sure this is a fake I'm afraid.

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    Default Re: Real or Fake 120ml Creed Aventus?

    No expert at detecting fakes but it looks a bit suspicious.
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    Default Re: Real or Fake 120ml Creed Aventus?

    That's why you don't buy specially an expensive perfume before you were lurking on this forum for a while.
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    Default Re: Real or Fake 120ml Creed Aventus?

    [SIZE=Don't Know If my Bottle Of Creed Aventus is Fake Need Help![/SIZE]
    We my wife brought this bottle at a Outlet mall in Orlando, Fl20190620_100536.jpgcreed.jpgcreed 1.jpgCeed3.jpgCreed2.jpg20190620_100739.jpg20190620_100803.jpg20190620_100813.jpg20190620_100842.jpg20190620_100946.jpg20190620_100958.jpg20190620_100857.jpg
    Can some one let me know

    - - - Updated - - -

    Everything some right except the back of the leather doesn't match up clean.

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