hi! i have been into perfume oils for a while now, and i love them. there is a company in particular i wanted to share with everyone-and no-i am employed by them, nor do i recieve anything for my endorsement. i just love their product.
it is a company called APO -arabian perfume oils. and yes, they do some aravians, but they also do amazing dupe oils. i have been wearing their oils for over a year now. they have a 'special' going on now. f you mention basenotes when you place a order the will give you 4 free.25ml samples. just be sure to mention this in the notes and list your 4 free samples.
i have several of their bond 9, and their lancome. i suggest if you see something you like you order it quickly-they have a high turn over, and can run out of products quickly. it is run by a father/daughter team, and they are thrilled to take requests. when i order, and i live in the US, it takes less than a week for me to get my order. delivery is free in the UK.
as i said-i do not work for them-i just get tired of some of the prices of oils, and as i am on a budget-this lets me try some products that i might never be able to afford otherwise.
here is a link to their site


feel free to pm me with any questions....have a great day!