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    Default Warm vs Cold fragrances

    Does anyone else associate perfumes with temperature or colours? I was in a shop the other day and was sampling a new floral perfume (of which I forgot the name) and part of the reason why I didn't like it was a cold, flat, thin, limp, airy smelling perfume. A floral that made me feel like I was seeing things through blue-tinted glasses. I sampled a few more, and actually a lot of women's florals smelt like this to me (which is why I love Fleurs d'orangier by Serge Lutens so much as that is a warm, rounded full bodied floral that makes me think of hot summer days).

    Are there particular chemicals that make a perfume smell cold or thin? Or is this just a quai-synesthesic experience?

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    Default Re: Warm vs Cold fragrances

    Personally don't give temperature association much thought, but some ambers at times for me do tend to conjure up a pleasant warmness.
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    Default Re: Warm vs Cold fragrances

    I feel them all the time. Some examples :

    Woods - cedar, sandalwood, oak, guaiac
    Resins- Myrrh, Oud, Amber, Labdanum
    Incense (Somalian)
    Beans - Vanilla, tonka
    Spices - pepper, clove, star anise, cinnamon, saffron, etc
    Smoke - birchtar, cade, Lapsang Souchong tea, etc
    Certain flowers - carnation, champaca, tuberose, Taif rose, etc
    non-white /animalic musks

    Citruses & most fruits
    Ylang Ylang
    green leaves
    green tea
    certain roses - Bulgarian, Damascena,
    certain spices - cardamom, pink pepper
    white musk
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    Default Re: Warm vs Cold fragrances

    Yes, l make this association all the time. Using two of my favourites as examples:

    Samsara = warm, thanks to the glowing sandalwood.

    Carnal Flower = cool, like a florist's fridge, thanks to the menthol/eucalyptus notes.
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    Default Re: Warm vs Cold fragrances

    I look at it in terms of wearability of what I might reach for under certain conditions, although one could wear a fragrance any time any where for whatever occasion.

    Chanel Allure Homme Edition Blanche - warmer weather

    Chanel Egoiste - cooler weather
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    Default Re: Warm vs Cold fragrances

    UNUM LAVS = cold
    UNUM Io non ho mani...... = warm
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    Default Re: Warm vs Cold fragrances

    Quote Originally Posted by Shemelimelle View Post
    UNUM LAVS = cold
    UNUM Io non ho mani...... = warm
    Yes, LAVS definitely has a cold feel, as does CDG Blackpepper.
    Shihan and Sauf Plein Jeu have warm vibes for me.

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    Default Re: Warm vs Cold fragrances

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    Default Re: Warm vs Cold fragrances

    Actually considering that fragrances can have an either predominantly warm or cooling sensation, perhaps even more so if worn in and associated with warm or cooler weather.

    However, also discovered over time that not all fragrances have to fit very neatly, radically and recognizably into one distinct extreme category of these two. Happened to know scents apparently not likely at all to successfully combine warming and cooling, more sensual notes on one hand, more refreshing on the other. Since they were neither overly expensive, so no daring, limited appeal niche, as much as regular but not generic designer lines, masculine rather than some experimental unisex and also quite widely available before getting increasingly discontinued, namely Cerruti 1881 Amber and Very Valentino.

    Was always amazed and still am how the first of these two can combine amber, leathery and even minimal rose notes, while the second quite dry, spicy, smooth tobacco in two distinct scents with a cooling, refreshing and almost chilling, detached yet also also clean evolution of their notes.
    Almost needless to admit liking both and considering to wear these more often.

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