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    Default Vetyrisia Firmenich - Any possible suggestions to create an accord similar to this?

    Hello there,

    I has read recently on Vetyrisia online and how it was used in many classic scents like No. 19 Chanel and it made me want to figure out if it's possible to buy some somewhere and it seems like that will be fruitless for the time being. Liaison Carbone had carried it but they have been out of stock of many scents for quite some time I noticed. And all the other sources you'd have to buy a gazillion tons of it, I'm sure.

    Well, since I read it's an orris/vetiver accord that has a paper like quality to it, I thought I'd ask if anyone has any info or ideas to create something in the vein of this Firmenich base.

    I've made up some other accords this weekend in violet and orange flower and am very satisfied with the outcomes. Now I'm interested in trying to make this one soon.

    Any info appreciated.

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    Default Re: Vetyrisia Firmenich - Any possible suggestions to create an accord similar to this?

    Sorry i habe no info, but certainly would be an interesting thing to attempt

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