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    Default Re: Guerlain (vetiver) and my age ?

    I own and love Guerlain Vetiver, but I think Guerlain Vetiver Extreme might be less likely to draw the "old man" comment. It's missing the tobacco note that I think bothers some people in the original. I personally prefer the original because it's more complex, but the Extreme smells really nice, too.

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    Default Re: Guerlain (vetiver) and my age ?

    Quote Originally Posted by tcmquincy View Post
    I heard a lot of good things about Guerlain's fragrances, and that Guerlain Vetiver is a great summer fragrance. I want another vetiver for my collection; I only own Encre Noire.

    However, I only own one guerlain fragrance, Habit Rouge (EDT I think), which I am not a huuuge fan of. I was told by a girl (who always complimented my frags) that I smelled like an old man. To be honest, Habit Rouge does smell quite mature/old to/for me. And the Guerlain bottle design and name and everything doesn't exactly shout ''young'' or ''modern'' to me.

    I am 21 years old and concerned that other Guerlains, specifically vetiver, will be too mature/old man/outdated for me. Please let me know what y'all think!
    If I'm being honest, when I was first starting in the hobby Guerlain Vetiver did indeed smell.... mature, to put it nicely.

    But now? I love it. Wouldn't want to be without a bottle of it. I could see people around your age thinking you smell 'old', like with the Habit Rouge. But if you enjoy it, wear it. Great frag.
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