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    Default Elizabeth Arden 'Splendor'

    Over the years I've spent a fortune on perfumes. Many change on my skin, so it feels like a constant battle to try and find perfumes that smell good on me.

    By chance I discovered a super cheap perfume that I had not planned on using; 'Splendor' by Elizabeth Arden. To cut a long story short this cheap little perfume with its minimalist vintage style bottle became my favourite. It seemed like a hidden gem amongst cheap perfumes.

    I've just ordered another bottle but this time the liquid inside the bottle is slightly yellow and the fragrance is nothing like I know. This smells soapy and insipid. I'm guessing that Elizabeth Arden changed their formula and got rid of the costlier elements.

    So now I'm looking for a replacement for my beloved 'Splendor' that is no more. I need some recommendations by those with knowledge. I don't mind spending more.

    Thanks for reading.

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    Default Re: Elizabeth Arden 'Splendor'

    Hi RedElla

    Welcome to Basenotes!

    I always feel it is better to get an unreformulated bottle of the perfume you really want than to accept an imperfect substitute.

    Could you try searching Ebay for a bottle of Splendor like your original one? Avoid all of the listings with stock photos. If you still have the box, compare the information on the back of the boxes. If there is a batchcode on your preferred bottle you can try to find its date on various batchcode checking sites, and look for a similar batchcode, but batchcode matching can be an iffy process.

    I know nothing about Splendor but this listing seems to be the original packaging:

    Good luck!
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    Default Re: Elizabeth Arden 'Splendor'

    +1 grayspoole
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    Default Re: Elizabeth Arden 'Splendor'

    As previously mentioned, it was probably reformulated.
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    Default Re: Elizabeth Arden 'Splendor'

    Thank you. Good advice

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