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    Thumbs up How can I sell my perfume oil (in bulk) inventory? 13 fragrances, in total.

    Hi everyone,

    I'm looking for advice. My cofounder and I have made the difficult decision to close our online perfume shop due to personal issues on both sides, family, health, etc. We are left with a lot of perfume oil in bulk, all ready to fill new bottles. We have 13 fragrances, in total. We probably have something like 250 lbs of perfume in total.

    Any ideas on where we can go, who to approach, how to go about this? It's only perfume oil, a crimper, and a double-spout filling machine. We ran out of bottles, so we can't sell those. We're liquidating them on Etsy now:

    Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!!

    Thank you!!


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    Default Re: How can I sell my perfume oil (in bulk) inventory? 13 fragrances, in total.

    I could buy some of these for India, mail me the perfume oil note combinations, price per kg and pictures of the filling and crimping machine.
    I can have these air shipped from USA or you can arrange to ship it locally to chicago area.

    my email is

    Avninder Mutchall

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