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    Default Lavender Absolute (not EO) and safety in use

    When it comes to lavender EO, I haven't seen any particular safety limits for it other than being mindful of the overall amount of geraniol, coumarin, etc. that you're ending up with in your overall formulation. Fine; simple enough. However, when it comes to the lavender absolute (specifically the one from EB: they claim a maximum dermal level of 0.1%, citing Tisserand & Young's Essential Oil Safety, 2nd ed. as their source.

    Is this simply because the absolute is (relatively) coumarin-dense at ~10% according to their SDS? If so, does that mean I can disregard the 0.1% limit for the lavender absolute as long as I'm good about not exceeding the IFRA limit for coumarin overall? Or if I do need to specifically limit the absolute to 0.1%, what is the cause of that if it's independent of the coumarin content?

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    Default Re: Lavender Absolute (not EO) and safety in use

    I would work on the overall allergen content of the fragrance.
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    Default Re: Lavender Absolute (not EO) and safety in use

    That's what I figured too. Thank you for the sanity check.

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