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    Default Weaponry DE Razors and Handles.

    I have a Weber DLC razor with a nice heavy handle which I really like, and so I wanted to buy heavy handles for some of my other razors.

    Looking around Ebay I found what I wanted in the Weaponry range of DE razors and handles in Texas, USA, which had good postage rates to Australia, and which got here two weeks after ordering.

    Interesting thing was, the price of the handles was more expensive than the price of the razors containing the handles. So I bought the razors instead, picking the following open comb and closed comb models.

    As you can see in the pictures in the ads, the closed comb razor head resembles the typical Merkur head, and the open comb razor head resembles my Merkur open comb razor head.

    I've only used the two razors briefly, but I love the heavy handles. They are easily gripped, and one has more control than with the typical lightweight ones.

    It really requires more testing on my part, using the same blades in comparative tests before I can be definitive, but my initial impressions are
    a....... that the Weaponry closed comb razor is slightly more aggressive than its Merkur equivalent, and
    b........that the Weaponry open comb razor I like a lot more than the Merkur Open comb razor I have.

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