My sister's wedding is this weekend and she asked me to pick out her perfume. I have one selected but suddenly remembered Fourreau Noir by Lutens and I know she would love it. Major decant sites either won't ship it to Ohio (confusing) or the portal isn't giving an expedited shipping option (?).

**If a kind basenoter sees this and is willing to send me a decant I will paypal you funds!!**

If you are even marginally close to the midwest I am not sure we even need expedited shipping, just the ability to put it in the mail Monday.

If this doesn't work I still have my back up scent but it I think FN by Lutens would be the standout. Please and thank you kind perfume family <3

- - - Updated - - -

Update: all is well! Freewheelingnvagabond found a site carrying it for a great price and gave me a discount code. Such a helpful community we have <3