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    Default Steve's Swap Thread -

    ** CONUS ONLY **

    - Looking for approximately equivalent value - and I can't stress enough that even if your bottle only has a few ml left in it but is roughly equivalent value, pm me.

    - Open to a variety of offers, so pm me with whatever you're thinking.


    High on my list of wants:

    Puredistance Gold

    Slumberhouse - Slumberhouse in general (not so much Grev) but most interested in a current edition bottle of Sova, Kiste or Sibet.

    Roja Fetish Pour Homme (bottle) would interest me.

    I'm very interested in Roja, including Roja 7.5 ml discovery atomizers I REALLY love Musk Aoud and Musk Aoud Precieux.

    For trade:

    -- Not all items on this list have photos posted yet:

    -- For inexpensive / cheapie items, I'd like to group them together for a trade or trades.

    Canvas & Concrete Fragrance Primer - 100 ml with cap and box - level shown. it's very hard to find and I think it may have been discontinued.

    Amouage Epic Man - vintage 2013, full presentation, fill level as shown. I bought this bottle new, myself, from MiN New York in 2013 and I'll be honest, I'm torn about parting with it. I'm going to list it anyway but I'll be extremely picky about what I'd take for it.

    Fahrenheit - (8M02 - 2018) 1.7 oz with cap, level shown. There's probably about 2 ml out, if you can't see it from the picture.

    Atelier Grand Neroli - 3.4 oz with cap and probably box (code 122963) but I couldn't find anything on it, in regard to the batch code. I've had it probably three years or more.

    Dunhill Edition - 1.7 oz splash with cap, no box

    - The Dunhill Edition isn't the current the version and it isn't the 1st vintage. I don't see a code of Scanlon on the bottle. It has the dot on the 'i" that's really high and even with the ll's. If you know more about it, please let me know.

    - The Dunhill also has a 3.0 oz shower gel but the shower gel is from the current version and has a couple of uses out of it. I can toss or send it along too - whichever you prefer.

    YSL Opium Pour Homme - EDT 1.6 with cap, no box

    MGM Grand for Him - 1.7 oz with cap, no box

    Alyssa Ashley Musk for Men - 3.4 oz with cap and box. I'l post a picture if you're interested in it.

    Brooks Brothers New York Gentleman - 3.4 oz with cap, no box.

    Oscar de la Renta - Pour Lui (current version)

    Jaguar For Men (current version)


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    Default Re: Steve's Swap Thread -


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