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    Default Steve's Swap Thread -

    First off, I don't know why some of the pictures uploaded sideways and can't figure out how to fix it - I'll pm the admin to resolve that issue.

    ** CONUS ONLY **


    For trade (in no particular order).

    First off, about the Chanel Egoiste. It's a 3.4 oz, with cap, no box. The batch code is 8618, which if you look it up, will show a manufacture date of 02-2015 but that's incorrect for this bottle. Chanel is reusing their batch codes.

    The reason I know that the Egoiste batch code is incorrect is because I looked it up and noted it when I acquired it. The actual production date is 05-2008 and in my conversations with others about it, it's a vintage 2nd edition, which "arguably didn't contain a reformulation".

    Take from that what you will.

    If you're interested in the Egoiste, I would be want list only and it would have to be something that I really want, to part with it.

    Lattafa Oud Mood - 3.4 oz with cap and box, missing 5 sprays.
    Obsession for Men (vintage 80s / 90s ) 4 oz Cologne Spray, no box. Approx. 85% full
    Ganache Parums - Milkshake (discontinued). 1.7 oz @ approx 85% w/ cap no box
    Revlon - That Man (vintage 70s or 80s) - 1.7 oz (level pictured) with cap, no box
    Art of Shaving - Lemon (discontinued) - 3.4 oz @ 95% with cap and box
    Marbert Man Pure (Contemporary) - 3.4 oz @ approximately 85% with cap and box
    Proraso Wood & Spice (cologne spray) 3.4 oz @ 95% with cap and box
    Montblanc Individuel - 3.4 oz @ 85% with cap, no box
    CDG Hinoki - 1.7 oz @ 95% with cap and box.
    Hermes Equipage Geranium (BAAAI - Jan, 2016) - 3.4 oz @ 85-90% with cap and box
    Aramis - Tuscany Per Uomo -1.7 oz (code A84 = 08-2014)
    Banana Republic Neroli Woods - 75ml @ 80% with cap, no box
    Dior Homme Intense (4Z01 = 12-2014) -1.7 oz @ 85-90% with cap and box
    Van Cleef and Arpels pour Homme - 3.4 oz @ approx 85% w/ integrated cap, no box
    Duc de Vervins - 3.4 oz @ 85% with cap, no box
    Demeter Pineapple - 4oz cylindrical bottle (spray) level pictured / with cap, maybe box
    Bigelow Cashmere Fig - 3.4 oz (levels pictured) w/ 11.6 oz shower gel and body lotion. The shower gel and body lotion have a couple of uses out of them and I can either include them when I send or throw them away, whichever you prefer.

    Moschino Uomo - 3.4 oz @ 60-65% with cap, no box. (Code W8292B = Oct, 2018)
    Dunhill Edition - 1.7 oz splash 85-90% with cap, no box.

    - The Dunhill Edition isn't the current the version and it isn't the 1st vintage. I don't see a code of Scanlon on the bottle. It has the dot on the 'i" that's really high and even with the ll's. If you know more about it, please let me know.

    - The Dunhill also has a 3.0 oz shower gel but the shower gel is from the current version and has a couple of uses out of it. I can toss or send it along too - whichever you prefer.


    - Looking for approximately equivalent value - and I can't stress enough that even if your bottle only has a few ml left in it but is roughly equivalent value, pm me.

    - Not interested in decants at all

    - Open to a variety of offers, so pm me with whatever you're thinking.


    High on my list of wants:

    MFK fragrances - Not interested in APOM or Masculine Pluriel but try me with any others.
    House of Matriarch Blackbird / Black
    Puredistance M
    Creed GIT
    Creed Viking
    Amouage - Journey for Men
    A Lab on Fire - Liquidnight
    Olympic Orchids - Male or Unisex
    MDCI - Invasion Barbare
    I Hate Perfume - 1966 On The Beach
    Mugler Les Exceptions - Anything Male or Unisex from that collection
    Diptyque - male or unisex fragrances
    Roja - I'm not familiar with many of them. Someone said that either Fetish or Scandal smelt like Puredistance M.

    Always looking for Aventus retail bottles, regardless of fill level (especially 15R01, 15R11 or 16E21 and will overtrade, if necessary) **NO DECANTS AT ALL**

    Jo Malone - male or unisex
    Slumberhouse - Norne or Jeke (doesn't everyone want these two?) or others, try me.
    The Body Shop - Men's Fragrances, except Musk for Men, unless you have a new shower gel
    Montale - There are a number that interest me. I had Dark Aoud and traded it away, which I regret
    Roja - Scandal or Fetish
    Puredistance Black
    Ralph Lauren Polo Green - I want the current formulation, not the vintage.
    Mugler Cologne - Love You All
    HoM Epiphany
    Love Diane - Diane von Furstenberg

    Dunhill 1.jpgDunhill Back.jpgDunhill Bottom.jpgWood_Spice 1.jpgWood_Spice 2.jpgAttachment 103590Attachment 103595Attachment 103596Attachment 103597
    AoS Lemon.jpgMarbert 1.jpgMarbert 2.jpgAttachment 103582Attachment 103583Attachment 103584Attachment 103585TOBS_Sandalwood 2.jpgTOBS_Sandalwood 1.jpgAttachment 103593Wood_Spice 1.jpgWood_Spice 2.jpgAttachment 103590Attachment 103591Attachment 103592Attachment 103594Attachment 103595Attachment 103596Attachment 103597Attachment 103598Attachment 103599Attachment 103600Attachment 103602Attachment 103601Attachment 103603Attachment 103605Attachment 103604Attachment 103606
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    Default Re: Steve's Swap Thread -


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