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    Default Why are images uploaded sideways???

    I've noticed this for quite some time now. Whenever I decide to upload an image to a post directly from my macbook it always shows up sideways. I've seen this happen to other individuals as well. Can this issue be resolved? Thanks

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    Default Re: Why are images uploaded sideways???

    I wonder if you loaded your image into MS Paint or some other photo editing program if the image would also show sideways.

    Well, while I was wondering, I loaded your image in MS Paint, rotated it and saved it. Is it the orientation of your camera when the picture is taken that causes this?

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    Default Re: Why are images uploaded sideways???

    I have always assumed this problem only occurs when you upload an image directly to Basenotes from your computer.

    I use imageshack for my images and have never had this problem. Only drawback to image hosting sites is that they cost money to use.

    At least mine does. Don't know if they all do.
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    Default Re: Why are images uploaded sideways???

    Me no understand this too complicated for my clumsy tech usage
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