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Here's ASAQ's Link


Here's a video of
ASAQ's Safari Extreme by Sebastian of You Tube

Here's a video of
ASAQ's Furusiyya by Carlos of You Tube

It's a good honest video of a swap Carlos did.

Here's a video of
ASAQ's Black Stone by Nikhil

and Mr Oz and where to buy ASAQ's

If I remember correctly, he does recommend where to get samples of ASAQ.

My experience purchasing with the company has been decent.
Good burnables if you're interested in them.
I have the Safari Oil in the attar bottle.
Beautiful presentation.
You're getting a very good price right now with it,
but so are some of ENSAR's right now.

ASAQ did send me 2 samples sometime ago.
The one , had a blue cheese to it.
The other reminded me of Fort&Manle's Amber.
I think the latter was an amber oud, but I can't say for sure.
Why, well because of the oil in the sample , the label feel off.
I would have ordered it too . It was an easy and approachable oud .
I had people who don't like fragrances state that it was very nice, for the natural feel to it.
Both samples where in a spray bottle form .I can't find them right now.

Anyways, if you're interested, you should subscribe to their newsletter/email.