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    Default "Related Products on Ebay" malfunctioning?

    At the bottom of threads, the "Related Products on Ebay" area shows a gigantic picture of what appears to be an empty picture frame.

    It's been this way for awhile and doesn't appear to change based on the thread I'm on.

    Not a huge deal, but it takes up a ton of space at the bottom of every thread page I visit.

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    Default Re: "Related Products on Ebay" malfunctioning?

    That same huge image shows up often on the right-hand sidebar of "Search for on eBay" on review pages in the directory. Not always, but often.
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    Default Re: "Related Products on Ebay" malfunctioning?

    Yay, so I'm not the only one that's having an issue this ebay pic.
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    Default Re: "Related Products on Ebay" malfunctioning?

    l've noticed this too, for the last couple of weeks.
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