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    Default Musk: The Monarch Unrivaled

    Musk- the mystery- has always been the nucleus of fragrances. It is the only fragrance that cannot be equated with any other. Otherwise, it is generally discussed that Oud x, y, or z has 'musky' notes, but it is never ever remarked that Musk has 'oudy' notes.

    Musk grains, both wet and dry, lead to the authentic scent. Otherwise, it becomes difficult, if not impossible, to evaluate the purity and authenticity of any Musk based attars or maceration. Yardstick is Musk grains, BOTH WET and DRY.

    So far as maceration goes, the oil that complements Musk is Santal, none else. And in Santal oils, Mysore has precedence over others. And in Mysore Santal, lemony citrusy suits Musk more than buttery and woody. IT IS MY PERSONAL EXPERIENCE. So, anyone can have his/her personal opinion contrary to mine.

    Musk grain ratio determines the quality of maceration and attar. Of course, Musk grain quality does matter a lot. I tried Kashmiri Musk from different sources and different vendors, variation in quality leads to qualitative aspect of maceration. I must refer to Tibetan Musk that I acquired from two different sources. The one I got direct from the pod is quite stunning than the one I got one gram from a vendor. Purity of those grains is above doubt, but the scent is inferior.

    Majority of Musk based oils on the market are very pleasant, lasting and having extreme projection. Such attars can easily be found from any Arabian oil brands. Synthetics are irritants if one has shown sincerity to the fundamentals- the journey is from grains to maceration, and maceration to attars.

    Musk 1.jpg
    Musk grains! Kashmiri, Tibetan, Mongolian, Siberian, and Central Asian! I wish any other species could come closer to Kashmiri Musk.

    Musk 3.jpg
    Maceration oils and attars! If I have to make an attar, I never mix all the oils in Musk, rather I use aged Musk maceration oils for this purpose. Quantity of grains can be seen. Musk quantity, even more than required, doesn't harm maceration or an attar at all.

    Musk 2.jpg
    Musk pods: Kashmiri Musk pod is in the center, and the Siberian one can be recognized by all, and the largest one is Tibetan. Though empty now, but their fragrant emptiness has filled the room. This is why Musk is The Monarch Unprecedented.
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