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    Default Faberge West Lotion

    I just received an unboxed Aftershave and "Lotion." It seems West may be in four forms: Aftershave, EDT, cologne, and lotion. Since I have the lotion, how does it differ from the EDT and cologne? The lotion comes in a frosted bottle with copper-colored cap. Any help would be appreciated.

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    Default Re: Faberge West Lotion

    Is this what you have?

    The bottle on the right is marked 'lotion' but doesn't appear to be frosted.

    I seem to have a dim recollection of West from my childhood, but as a feminine scent. There's one listed in the directory here, but Basenotes seems to think it was a feminine too.

    I'll wager that ZealotCrusader knows something about this. Now, where's my dragon whistle?

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    Default Faberge West Lotion

    I've had my eye on West for a long time but don't really know much about it, scent-wise.
    That bottle and cap really stands out, though. Very '1968', I love it.
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    Default Re: Faberge West Lotion

    Yes, I have the lotion. it's a great smell, unisex to me, leans more to the male side in my opinion. And I've never smelled anything like it.

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